mercredi 28 novembre 2012

Learn Lebanese with Lesson 1/99, P1

This is an illustration of how you can learn Lebanese with the site
Some call it Lebanese Arabic, Lebanese language, Lebanese dialect. We will stick to Lebanese, in the same way we say English or French.

We will start here by illustrating lesson 1.

Each lesson has two main parts : Part 1 and Part 3. Part 1 is a vocabulary section, Part 3 is a conversation section. Each part has grammar notes attached.

Part 2 and Part 4 are exercises.

This is what you get for lesson 1 : Mar7aba, Kifak, Mni7

Part 1 :  in English

Part 1 : Here in French, to show you that you can have in two languages. But we will stick to English in the sequel.

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